About Red Hot Exclusive

Red Hot Exclusive started when a curious 10-year-old boy asked a simple question -- "Dad, I want to sell drones online.  Can we start a store?"  Red Hot Exclusive was born.  

Dad agreed.  After all, what better way to teach a child about business than by opening up a store.  Little did we know that Red Hot Exclusive (or RHE as we call it around the house) would grow into something much more than a teaching moment.

Fast forward to today.  We source products from all around the world.  And it's way beyond drones now.  Mom helps sometimes, but it's mostly just the two of us.  A modern-day father and son collaboration.

Daughter is getting more and more interested.  I suspect she will be joining us soon (look for a jewelry or clothing section).  

The thing we care about most is customer service.  If we can help you any way, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@redhotexclusive.com.

Have a great day!

Mark and Zach